huellas al majestuoso sol


viernes, 27 de enero de 2017

One more day

Mister know it all, false perfectionist God.
You tell me you love me, but you don't even know me
On the other hand, I know who you are very well
I know your history
I know your fears
The love you offer me can't be real
The sun is setting and you allow to see through the interior of your eyes
A weakness that I gently take away with my lips
One more day
That I believe I'm pretending
Don't you believe it?
Your tormented voice can't let me think
You don't have a choice but to let me go
Your love is fooling you
It declines your intelligence
The day is wonderful
The incredible thing is that it is possible.

3 comentarios:

AMBAR dijo...

Yes, anything is possible if we belief in it, only the unbelievers are unable to find the truth.
Desde mi lugar de descanso te visito, leo y agradezco, tu compañía y recuerdo.
Un abrazo.

Auroratris dijo...

Todo es posible en la fe de unos mismo... somos nuestro propio dios.

Mil besitos.

llorenç Gimenez dijo...

Magnifica música.. es para disfrutarla..
Un abrazo Sólaire..