huellas al majestuoso sol


viernes, 3 de febrero de 2017

Leaving myself apart

One can't defend himself from something that doesn't exist. Fear isn't more than a counter-productive  apprehension, product of insecurity. There they are, armed like soldiers, indifferent to knowledge, without wishes, without an interior. In a time without promises nor space that justifies a purely absurd struggle.

Is there anyone capable of doing everything that he feels?

2 comentarios:

Auroratris dijo...

No, no se puede. Bello sentir, Solaire.

Mil besitos, preciosa.

Borja F. Caamaño dijo...

El miedo es ignorancia, es quietud, es indecisión... aunque a veces sea una fuerza de la que aprovecharnos para actuar.

Salud y saludos.